Irish Salt Mining’s own ship loading facility provides a deep water berth with a minimum draft of 9 metres of sea water. It is capable of handling vessels of up to 175 metres in length, with an average loading rate of around 1000 tonnes per hour.
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Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Co. Ltd. is committed to actively promoting and achieving a high standard of health & safety management and performance throughout all its operations.
Health & Safety Policy Statement
Our salt conforms to BS3247:2011 with a minimum of 90% Sodium Chloride (NACL). Fine Grade Rock Salt treated with Safecote can also be supplied in loose bulk on request.

Irish Salt Mining

Established in 1965, Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Co. Ltd produces around 500,000 tonnes of de-icing rock salt per annum from its privately owned mine in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. The company proves its commitment to service and supply by mining continuously throughout each year to secure a large stockpile of material to meet any demand.

Salt Sales Company is the sales division of Irish Salt Mining, operating throughout the UK and Ireland. With over 50 years experience in supplying local road authorities and motorway maintenance contractors, we are able to meet the toughest demands during the harshest of winters.

About Us

Started in 1965 by three Irish American brothers, the Irish Salt Mining & Exploration Co. Ltd, a privately owned company, is the only salt mine in Ireland, and one of only three salt mines in the UK.

Based at Kilroot, 3 miles northeast of Carrickfergus on the northern shore of Belfast Lough, the company produces around 500,000 tonnes of de-icing rock salt per annum.

The company has 59 full time employees, and also regularly employs outside contractors to assist in the operation throughout the year

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We provide salt products for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.